I never knew how lucky I was to be surrounded by true love since the day I was born and lead a smooth sailing life. I didn’t realize my experiences were rare compared to general statistics.

Utopia for Realists

The Beatles effect on Baby Boomers is comparable to BTS’s effect on Generation Z

Artificial intelligence is not only removing human limitations and reducing our weaknesses but also augmenting us with mind-blowing superhuman powers, making sci-fi now a reality.

It is a true privilege to be born in this generation. High-tech is either streamlining or removing every little 21st-century inconvenience, freeing and empowering those of us poised to handle these technological advancements to enjoy life even more. AI will be our greatest invention, rendering almost all jobs pointless (The World Economic Forum has predicted that 75 million jobs will be displaced by 2022), but the people most resistant to that displacement will be the ones who understand algorithms and know-how to cohabitate with these intelligent machines. Finland is already experimenting with Universal Basic Income and if results prove effective, the rest of the world should soon be following suit. Technology is the language powering the modern world, and AI is the quantum leap in technology.

  1. Genetic engineering

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook Conference


Melissa Lim

Global citizen. Luxury lifestyle, artificial intelligence, fitness/dance. US/UK/AUS/SG

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